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Job Information

QA/QC Civil Inspector Jobs In Saudi Arabia-KSA

Saudi Arabia
Rs2,00,000 - Rs3,00,000


B.S degree in Engineering in a respective inspection discipline with at least five (5) years of experience in relevant inspection discipline.

Resume reflected as a minimum one (1) year direct experience in the evaluation of Batch Plants and Civil Testing Laboratories capabilities and safety to meet the Company requirements which include review and control of full-scale plant trials (concrete/asphalt/precast) to determine the required engineering properties.

Resume reflected as a minimum one (1) year direct experience in the civil materials field/laboratory

Resume reflected knowledge/experience in refractory, fire proofing and structural steel (if job require)

Resume reflected good working knowledge of quality system standards and methods

Effective Date of Duties

From the startup date of your site duties as per employment contract.


SR 6000 to SR 7500 /Month (based on 8 working hrs./day & 6 working days/week).


Company provided based on work location. If not provided, an allowance will be paid at the discretion of Company Management.


Company will provide shared Bachelor furnished accommodation based on work location and availability. If not provided, a Housing Allowance will be paid at the discretion of Company Management

Overtime Rate

Overtime for working above the normal working hours on normal day, during weekends and during holidays, when approved, will be compensated as per Saudi labor Law.




Company maintained car provided by company (dependent on job requirements) with fuel and car wash allowance as approved by the Company Management.


Company shall have adequate insurance coverage through the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)


Medical Card to your self will be provided by company.

Base of Work

Saudi Arabia. However, for work reasons you will be required to undertake travel anywhere in the Middle East or outside Middle East as the case may be. 


Twenty Two (22) calendar days paid leave after completion of (one) 1 working year to be taken at one time during the calendar year (inclusive of all travel days) and subject to Operational requirements.

In lieu of the annual vacation ticket, Company will pay a fixed monthly allowance which is an equivalent of the average flight ticket price for a round trip on economy class from work location to the nearest international airport to the city of your origin / Home Country.


Provided by company  


You shall report directly to the Projects Manager in Saudi Arabia.


Three months (90 days) probation period. In case of both parties agreed in a document, the 90 days period can be extended for another 90 days (total of 180 days) exclusive of   Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr holidays & sick leaves.

Working hours

Normal working hours is 48 hours over Six (6) days per Week while onshore.


One Year starting from the Effective Date (Renewable)

In case of the Employee leaves the company before the end of probation period, or in case it was the employee fault behind not obtaining the Iqama/Work Permit or the Saudi Driving License, then the Employee shall pay SR 10,000 to the Company in addition to other costs incurred related to his Iqama/SEC registration and Driving License. In Such case, the Employee shall arrange his air ticket on his account.

Termination of Contract

The employment contract may be terminated by Company without notice during probation period or by a 30-day notice by either party after the probation in accordance with the Saudi Labor Law.

Special Requirement                            

Driving is a project requirement. Therefore, the Employee shall hold a valid Driving License and be capable to drive. The company will facilitate required formalities to help the employee obtaining his local driving license.

Other Terms

1)You undertake, upon the expiry of this agreement or cancellation, not to work in the field of the Company activities (i.e. QAQC Surveillance & Project / Quality Inspection Services) for two years in Saudi Arabia & GCC unless the company authorizes you to do so by a prior written consent.

2)If Employee is no longer required to continue his services on the project assigned for any reason whatsoever (but not due to underperformance) and /or has been demobilized from the Project site for any reason, the company and employee may mutually agree to choose one of the following options while the Employee is setting idle (without an assigned project)

·Keep Employee in the Kingdom for a period of time not to exceed two months on a reduced wage based on daily wage scheme equivalent to Five Working days per calendar month while the company will attempt to find another suitable project assignment for Employee. During which period, Company will accommodate employee in a shared bachelor accommodation, as directed by Company Management.

·Send Employee on exit re-entry visa on agreeable long leave without pay. or

·Terminate the employment contract immediately.


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