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Rig Repair Engineer Jobs In DAMMAM KSA

Saudi Arabia
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Main Duties and Responsibilities:

All Project Engineers should make themselves aware of and understand their responsibilities as detailed within processes on the Business Management System (BMS).

• Review all technical project documentation at contract award and highlight changes and/or

discrepancies between pre-award and contract documentation and deficiencies in tender method


• Manage Service Departments within the project team.

• Co-ordinate the generation of procurement, fabrication and installation documentation (scopes of

work, procedures, drawings, sketches, etc).

• Ensure technical accuracy of procurement, fabrication and installation documentation including

compliance with contract requirements.

• Prepare and deliver presentations of the offshore construction techniques and methods during third

party reviews and Risk Assessments.

• Co-ordinate the preparation of fabrication and offshore construction "as-built" documentation packages.

• Train Junior Project Engineers and graduates when required.


• Prepare and deliver project briefings to Offshore Vessel personnel.

• Ensure offshore personnel involved with the project works fully understand all relevant project

documentation and requirements to include all safety and quality related witness points.

• Ensure technical accuracy and compliance of offshore construction and inspection activities with contract requirements, (ie. witness and hold points).

• Act as Focal Point for the resolution of technical queries and issues raised during the performance of offshore construction and inspection activities (including co-ordination with onshore support where appropriate).

• Be accountable to Project Manager / Offshore Project Manager for all engineering aspects of offshore operations.

• Manage the offshore construction schedule including liaison with Offshore Project Manager and Client Representatives with respect to planning workscope execution, schedule changes plus impacts and maintenance of the "as-built".

• Be accountable for highlighting contract variations during execution of the offshore construction activities and compilation of all required supporting evidence and documentation.

• Compile and work with Dive Supervisor in generation of Dive Plans.

• Review Daily Progress Reports (prior to issue) for technical accuracy and completeness.

• Act as Focal Point for the compilation of "as-built" documentation.

• Be accountable for the expediting of equipment on-hire - off-hire.

• Be accountable for the delivery and return of all internal project equipment


· Shall provide for preventive, routine and non-routine maintenance and for the repair of internal combustion engines, pumps, compressors and drilling related equipment of the rig; 

·Ensure that all reporting routines are followed and that all equipment related paperwork are carried out within his area of responsibility, such as maintenance records, updating of service and instruction manuals, instructing procedures, etc.; 3) Be familiar with reporting routines regarding the EDP based maintenance system on board; 

· Keep the stock of spare parts and consumables at the appropriate level by verifying the stock levels and reporting to his/her superiors the deficiencies taking in consideration future maintenance requirements and delivery time; 

· Monitors the reliability of spare parts utilized; 

· Supervise the disassembly, loading, unloading and assembly of the power plant and drilling equipment during land rig transfer activities; 

· Be familiar with all classification society and authorities rules and regulations applicable to his area of responsibility; 

· Ensure that all orders and instructions received verbally or in writing are fully understood and adhered to; 

· Be safety conscious in all his work and use compulsory protective equipment; 

· Ensure he/she is familiar with all applicable work and safety procedures, and promote implementation of same ; 

· Ensure that before any maintenance activity is started, a proper investigation is carried out, precautions have been taken and the “work permit” has been signed; 

· Instruct all personnel assigned to him/her for assistance of their duties and responsibilities and of any special safety precautions to be taken prior to start-up of any work; 

· Ensure that personnel working under his/her supervision as well as him/herself carry life vests and safety lines when working in exposed area or in around the moonpool; 

· Promptly report all accidents, near-miss accidents, Non-Conformances and safety hazards to his/her immediate superior; 

·  Participate in safety meetings and safety drills held on board; 

·  Carry out his/her duties according to the Emergency Preparedness Action Plan when needed; 

·   Ensure good housekeeping in his/her working areas; 



·  At least 8 years experience on land / offshore drilling Rigs. Of these years, minimum 5 years must be as a Chief Mechanic. 

·  Holding a degree / diploma in Mechanical Engineering. 

·  The individual has Safety, Communication & supervisory skills 

·   Proficient in Computer. 

·   Top drive experience 

·   Fluent in English language. 




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