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Job Information

Senior Manager Job In Rawalpindi Pakistan

Rs1,00,000 - Rs1,50,000


Job Overview: Responsible for managing the Askari Seeds , comprising of three wings.Effectively ensuring it’s expansion as major seed supplier with high profitability / earnings

Responsibilities and Duties

·         Well versed with seed production process

·         Ensure smooth functioning and security of the farm.

·         Administration of the project as per AWT / F&S policies and procedures (P&P) and the SOPs

·         issued by higher management.

·         Strict implementation and tight monitoring of financial policies and matters.

·         Survey of current and future market trends, tasking / utilizing the Marketing Depart at F&S

·         where required and accordingly modify cropping pattern.

·         Lay down policies for getting better yield including application of inputs.

·         Ensure purchase of best quality of seed, fertilizer, pesticide and other inputs for maximum

        production, making maximum use of Central Purchase Committee of F&S

·         Manage timely sale of farm produce at best possible sale rate. Sale rates be finalized by a


·         Keeping CEO (F&S) up-to-date.

·         Control and supervise the theka sector by concluding theka namas with the tenants as per

·         instructions from HO, recovery of lease dues, prevention of encroachment etc.

·         Develop contact and maintain list of wholesale distributors, buyers etc dealing with agriculture products, utilizing the services of Marketing Dept of F&S HO.

·         Maintain close liaison with other sister projects of F&S (or coordination, taking assistance /

·         learning from each other experience problems etc and improving the same.

·         Ensure regular survey of farm land preventing any encroachment, misuse and “qabza”.

·         Ensure selection of qualified / experienced manpower where applicable as per P&P and it’s on job training and supervision.

·         Maintain liaison with seed and agricultural related government and private depts. /organization and companies etc.

·         Any other task can be assigned as on required basis while the aforementioned responsibilities can also be changed or modified..

·         Interaction with farmers / growers of the area to get feedback on the current trends and problem areas.

·         Liaison with government agencies like Punjab Seed Corporation, Federal Seed Certificating and Registration Department.

·         Local administration e.g Canal, Revenue, Police Depts etc


·         Education level. BA/BSc, MA/MSc

·         Specific skill Civilian with administrative/Agricultural experience

·         Certifications Qualification certificate/Post graduate Studies.

·         Licenses Qualification Licenses on requirement

·         Physical abilities Medically fit


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