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Shift In charge -Supervisor – Dyeing Jobs In Bahrain




Purpose and Scope To fix shift responsibility of unit process and unit operations in dyeing. Shift In charge is responsible for following task in his shift.  

Sr # Direct Responsibilities Frequency Time
1. Shift charge takes up & hand over. Once in Shift 40
a Line up and efficiency review Once in Shift  
b Previous shift color approval review. Once in Shift  
c Evaluation& verification of running production sample from previous shift. Once in Shift  
2. Fabric availability, location, cards review. Color availability, color instructions and SOC issuance. Once in Shift 30
3. Running production color evaluation and approval 18 in a shift 180
4. Direct responsible for Color change process and shade matching. 2-3 120
a Short sampling and correction    
b Mini  Production running evaluation and correction    
c Evaluation correction and approval of final bulk production run.    
5. Evaluation and Approval of first sample for color to start finishing. 2-3 15
6. Verification of machine SOC Twice in a shift 20
7. Directly responsible for machine break down management.    
      8 Directly responsible for employees health and safety on machine. W. Shift  
Sr # supervisory Responsibilities Frequency Time
8. Trouble shooting regarding fabric, color, utilities, product performance. W. Shift 40
9. Review of dyeing Continuity, and color evaluation) record. W. Shift 10
10. Review of color evaluation during finishing of fabric. W. Shift 10
11. Review of color preparation for dyeing W. Shift 5
12. Review of A frame and fabric on machine. W. Shift 5
13. Responsible for productivity of machine. W. Shift  
14. Review of dyes & chemical consumption report W. Shift 5
15. Review rags produced. W. Shift 5
16. Review of data entry in win. W. Shift 5
17. Review of quality faults during inspection. W. Shift 5
Qualification B.SC Textile Chemistry/ M.sc. Chemistry/ Diploma in Textile Engineering (Dyeing Finishing). Experience 10-12 year hand on experience in continuous dyeing. Professional capabilities Capable of dyeing Reactive, Reactive/ Disperse, VAT, VAT/ Disperse and Disperse dyes. Must qualify FM 100 color vision test in superior discrimination. Language competency & Computer literacy Familiar with software based on MS office. (Excel, Word, Power Point) Personality attributes Ability to establish priorities, work independently and accomplish assigned tasks.

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