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Sizing Beam Loader Job -Bahraini Textile Co. Askar – Bahrain


Askar – Bahrain
BD 93.100


Sizing Beam Loader  required for well reputed Bahraini Textile Co. Askar – Bahrain Designation: sizing Beam Loader Qualification: Metric Experiences: 7 years ( Prefered working as beam gaiter) Machine Name: Tsudakoma, Zax and Picanol Machine Model: Omni, Omni Plus, Omni 800, Zax E, Zax 9100 Job Description / Skills of Required Position 1 Candiate must be aware of all the saftey requirements and must have positive attitude of working as team member 2 Candidate must have knowdlege of standard mending timings( warp& weft) 3 Candiate should be able to knot the broken yarn atleast 15 Knots/Min and must tie a reverse knot 4 Candiate must have complete knowdlege of fabric faults and their severity 5 Candiate must be expert in all type of heald wire,reed denting( normal,skip,dobby weave etc) 6 Candidate must be familiar with insertion,no of weft cones required for construction blend ratio of warp beam and      weft( CM,CVC,CD) 7 Candiate must be able to replace the broken heald wire with new one 8 Candiate must be able to set up the frames during knotting 9 Candidate must be expert in gating the warp sheet within standard time  Free Recruitment , Free Ticketing ,  Free processing And Other Benefits Provided by Company 

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