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About Us

­­Delta International Recruitment Agency is the top-rated and competitive Overseas Recruitment Agency in Pakistan. With an excellent and professional HR system, our motive is to provide remarkable Recruitment Manpower Services. We provide professional and skilled employees to other companies with our reliable services. So we can be a dependable Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for you. Our Manpower Services are well defined and fitting for all the searchers out there. Our presentable environment makes our company the top Employment Agency in Pakistan. Being the pre-eminent Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan we idealize modern ways of recruitment by adding contemporary platforms for better understanding and communication between job-seekers and companies. Whether a job hunter is searching for a job in abroad or overseas agencies are hunting trained hands as a Top Recruiter in Pakistan, we connect these searchers with the right opportunity. We hire qualified workers from all over the departments. Although, the time has gone when finding a job was like climbing the rocks without knowing the way. Our qualified and quick-witted HR staff gives its best to remove all the hurdles.

We make sure to follow the authentic rules and make it a quick process. Our recruiter policies are on the top among Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan. We provide you with the foremost mankind resources including all the demanding professions. From an educated person to a skilled person we have a set of opportunities for our seekers for those who are willing to perform their best in a foreign land. Recruitment Agencies of Pakistan are passionate about creating a bond with overseas companies. Let us give you a list of professions we are serving, the list includes, Manufacturing and Construction, Trading and Marketing, Technology and Health, Banking and Finance, Education and Agriculture, Marine and Transportation, etc.

Delta International is serving all these departments with its excellency and advance managements. Overseas industries have a prominent platform for finding a qualified employee, as well as job-seekers can get a vast list of opportunities. Undoubtedly, Pakistan has a collection of recruitment agencies in which Delta is the surpassing Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan. Delta International Recruiting Company in Pakistan believes in providing skilled and semi-skilled employees. We hire suitable and trained employees for our clients. We are providing a massive and cosmic platform to all the job-hunters, so they can work with overseas companies. Being a well-known Employment Recruitment Agency in Pakistan, we are providing several options whether, its Transportation or Trading, Health or Safety, Marine or Security we have trained employees. Our purpose is to give all the opportunities under one roof. We are willing to end the contemptible and despicable methods of recruitment. We want to give modernize and easy ways of recruitment to a local person and overseas clients.

Delta International Recruitment Agency is the leading Manpower Recruitment Agency in Pakistan. Our concern is to work as a bridge between Overseas companies and local workers. As a recruiter, we aim to provide Best Manpower Services across the Globe. Delta International Recruitment Agency handles giving all manpower services under one place. You get the complete Overseas Employment Services from employee verification to background checks. We keep an eye to upcoming jobs and inform to the related seeker for an immediate meet at his ease. Being a Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for the Gulf we gained the trust of well-known companies in the foreign land. These Overseas Companies are unquestioning about our services. Our vision is to provide the best job services to job seekers and workers to overseas agencies. Our serving in Saudi Arabia is well defined, we did a great job with their largest companies.

There are a lot of jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistanis. Our HR department is very concerned about its task they keep in touch with companies. Saudi Arabia offers a job for well-educated to a handyman from electrician to carpenter, plumbing, and flooring there are so many jobs. These jobs are for those who are not degree holders but having good skills and experience in their field. Overseas multinational companies are also employing professional engineers. Saudi Arabia’s Jobs for Pakistanis also include Engineers, Interior Designers, etc. People out there can trust us and join our services after completion of their studies and get a dream job. Our vision is to provide an excellent platform for job-seekers and set the great name of Pakistan. Delta International Recruitment Company in Pakistan has offered several skilled manpower to International companies. We have been working with companies in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, Algeria, Bahrain, and Malaysia. We hold a friendly relation with them. They are our satisfied clients over the years. We worked with many popular international companies. Including the famous Al-Marai, Nadec, Kingdom Holding, Dallah Hospital, Al-Rajhi Bank and SBM(Saudi Business Machine),

Saudi Arabian companies are providing jobs in each profession. It is one of the great step of the companies in Saudi Arabia, professions including Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Experts, Painters, and many more all these are the latest jobs in Saudi Arabia. Delta International is one of the Recruitment Specialists in Pakistan. We intend to create strong and successful relationships with Overseas Employment Companies. Our qualified staff is accountable for the hiring of different departments. We have set an amazing standard of recruitment in the city of lights. We are considered as a recruitment specialist in Karachi. We provide imaginatively and identify opportunities for the new generation according to their interest. We make sure that all the hiring is suitable for our company programs. After all the required processes we refer a particular target for other companies. Delta has a good reputation in other countries as well. We manage our clients demands and provide them with the best and effective way of business. Being a Recruitment Specialist in Pakistan we are responsible for providing quality hires. Hence, our Recruitment Specialists in Islamabad are performing an outstanding job. We set a team of professionals who are well familiar with business strategies. They are giving great business benefits to international recruitment markets and locals too.

Delta International Recruitment Agency in Pakistan is ISO 9001-2008 Certified. Delta’s ambition is to help other organizations and agencies by enhancing human resources. We aim to increase productivity by intensifying human resources. Our foremost target is to make our agency more convenient for both the clients and employees. We are ardent in our commitments to deliver an exclusive level of services to our clients. Being a Recruitment Specialist in Pakistan we deliver noble and systematized HR solutions. More than 275 companies are cooperating with us. Over 10 years of experience we are serving locals and international candidates. These stats make us one of the Best HR Consultants in Pakistan. In this chaotic world, every day we hear a story of an unemployed man and his struggle with life. We intend to give opportunities to deserving ones. We are providing Affordable Manpower Services in Pakistan. Delta International is an open door for hardworking and experienced people. We are providing a huge platform for trying luck and hard work on an international scale. Our Islamabad office is in the approach of many people who left their houses in a search for jobs, they can visit us. We will find a perfect job for them. We are providing affordable manpower services in Islamabad and Karachi.

Our initiative is to become one of the most accessible agencies for our clients and employees. Unemployment is becoming a major issue in the world. The time is hard for business holders too. By exchanging quality members and opportunities, we are helping thousands of workers for the betterment of the upcoming generation. Delta International is a foremost platform for agencies and job-seekers. We provide immense services all around the world. People from different areas and different languages can get plenty of opportunities. This is the ultimate goal of our Agency. Furthermore, Delta International Recruitment Agency is Government Certified. We are working in Pakistan and on the International level with great vision and ideas. Delta International Recruiting Agency has emerged as one of the Best Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan. We have modernized the concepts of recruiting by minimizing the distance between the Employee & the Employer. We have revamped the traditional way of Recruitment by bringing in Technology, Tools, and better Mediums of Communication. Overseas Recruitment and Employment was used to be considered as a tiresome job in Pakistan because of factors included Agency’s legality, middleman’s involvement, Job’s authenticity, and fraudulent people that intended to take the money from poor and needy people and disappear. Unfortunately, this kind of practice existed in the market for a long time. However, ever since Delta International Recruiting Agency emerged in the domestic market, we have changed the way how this industry is run. We have extensively incorporated the technology to provide visibility and transparency to both clients and job seekers. We have ensured to follow the guidelines, rules, and regulations set by the Ministry of Overseas Employment and Bureau of Immigration and Protector (Protectors of Emigrant) Government of Pakistan to rule out any chance of fraud and fake job offers by authenticity and approved job advertisements in local newspapers and social media pages.

Our social media is the biggest and most useful way of communicating with job seekers. We post advertisements that are genuine and authentic. Brand Delta is gaining more and more popularity due to its transparency and trustworthy services. In a short time, we have facilitated hundreds of clients in the Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain. We are working hard to provide the best manpower to our clients. We have a strong social media presence with more than 62K followers on our Facebook official page. We believe in delivering results & over the years we have been able to provide Manpower to Multinational companies worldwide. We are one of the leading and most demanding Overseas Employment Agency for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Our scope isn’t limited only to the Middle East but we are also working for our clients in Far East Asian countries.

Overseas Employment Agency | Recruitment Company for Gulf and Saudi Arabia |Delta International Recruiting Agency – Pakistan. From the permanent hiring, temporary recruitment, or salary benchmarking to even the executive search Delta International Recruiting Agency services, and solutions are proficiently building and managing your workforce. As our recruiting agency is recognized by the Government of Pakistan and also the member of the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA), that specifically provides highly trained, professional, and best-qualified manpower to the Gulf (Middle East), Far East, and to different parts of the world in numerous sectors of industry such as FMCG, Engineering, Construction, Labors (Skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled), IT & Telecom, Doctors, Education, and Banking & Finance, etc.

We have branch offices in different parts of the country making our presence, availability and reach across the country easier. As a Manpower Recruiting Company, we have contractual agreements, MOU’s with the world’s renowned companies to provide skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled, white-collar, and blue-collar workers and manpower from Pakistan. Our working environment and facilities that we provide to both clients and candidates make us top overseas employment agencies in Pakistan among other Manpower Consultants from Pakistan. Our focal point is to ensure clients and employees by providing them reliable recruit services. We grasp our clients HR needs and provide them astonishing Manpower Services according to their demand. Therefore, we are considered as the best Overseas Employment Agencies in Pakistan

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Delta International Recruiting Agency provides skilled and qualified manpower to the Gulf countries and other parts of the world at all levels in the areas of FMCG, Engineering / Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Finance etc besides a large section of Services industry sectors.

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